Be The First To Know Get notified even before it happens

Be in the know

Traditional security alarm systems are monitored by a central station, and usually detections will only be made as a breach happens.

With today's technology, monitoring a security alarm system is made convenient through smart phones and mobile applications. You can be connected to any site that you wish to monitor, and also get notifications of any suspected breach of security.

Protect your posessions

Intrusion security alarm systems work together with CCTV systems, as well as sensors installed on windows and doors to detect any breaches and triggers sirens and send notifications to you through your mobile applications while you are not on site.

It provides as strong deterrance to any intruders or sabotage activities.

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We have a range of alarm system that compliments our CCTV systems suitable for both home and office installation.

We will do our due diligence in understanding your needs, give a comprehensive assessment of the site, and provide a solution that best meet your requirements.

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