CSCT Pte Ltd

Who We Are

Founded in 2002, CSCT is a dynamic company that helps solved our clients' security and IT issues with end-to-end solutions. From providing CCTV cameras, to system design and installation of full-scale CCTV systems, as well as installation of routers and cables for the network infrastructure in homes and office premises, we have a full team of certified specialists whom you can solely rely on. We offer a wide range of premium security solutions, systems & services geared towards home and businesses security. We strive to provide comprehensive service and full customer satisfaction with our superior product knowledge and technical expertise.

Our Promise

Quotes that we provide DO NOT contain any hidden cost. We ensure our team fully understand our customers' requirements through on-site or virtual assessment, before we provide a solution and quote. Any unforseen circumstances within the requirements which may require more effort or resources will be beared by us.

Our Support

We provide pre-sales and after sales support to our customers. We strive to provide the best customer journey and experience for all our customers, giving everyone a peace of mind when you entrust us in solving your problems.

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